The product is largely extra-virgin olive oil. The quality of the oil depends on the type of pickled olives, typically there is a yield of extra virgin olive oil of 90% of the total oil produced.
Olives, coming from our own farm and just partially purchased from local producers, are exclusively of high quality because they are picked by hand or with the aid of machines directly from the tree.
No use is made of olives "cascamolate" collected in an advanced state of maturity, because when olives fall naturally from the tree they are usually of poor quality.
The organoleptic characteristics of the product itself also depend on the equipment used, the temperature at which olive paste is processed and the amount of water needed to get the oil, all parameters kept under control by the oil mill.
The company boasts an excellent quality of the oil with total absence of manipulation. To this purpose we employ agronomists expert in the olive sector to obtain a product whose quality has been continuously improved (in order to improve the quality, monitoring-EEC 2080/05)
Every week (from 1 July to 30 November each year) a sample of olives harvested directly from the foliage of the olive tree is taken and brought to the lab, carefully analyzed under the microscope, and, evaluated the presence of any infestation, (fighting techniques to pests and cryptogamic) we decide if to intervene with water-soluble plant protection that don't release any kind of toxic waste in the oil.







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