To keep the quality intact over time precautions are taken against its deterioration. 1) oil contact with oxygen. 2) temperature. 3) exposure to light. 4) any contact of the oil with water or colloidal impurities .
The oil is kept in stainless steel tanks (AISI 304) completely full and provided with airtight. It is stored at temperatures in the range 10-18 C. Within one-two months from the production oil is separated from impurities and water splitted for natural settling and the final product is transferred into dried, clean containers.




Filtration is important before packaging in order to prevent any alterations from fermentation of material in suspension, especially when the oil is entrusted to the commercial distribution subject to rather high temperatures (above 25-30 c).
The oil is separated from the solid impurities eventually present in the water by filtration on press with cartons of filtering substrates of cellulose of high porosity to obtain a product of defined quality and to avoid the oil to become rancid more quickly.


Packaging and Selling:

Packaging takes place in suitable premises with the use of proper equipment.
Oil is sold in ACC cans (format 3 - 5 25 liters) with caps and endorsements according to specific laws . Labels on packaged products are unequivocal and highlight the specific nature of the contained product.










Etichetta bottiglia

Lattina 3 litri

Lattina 5 litri

Lattina 25 litri




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