Is a very important phase for the quality of the product because the method of preparation of the dough (breaking the structure of the olive: oil-bearing cells of the pulp, core, skin) affects the quality of the oil produced.
For this purpose toothed helical roller crushers are used: it is an innovative technical solution which operates at very low rpm (about 400 revolutions per minute) in order to favor a lower release of chlorophyll and bitter phenols in the oil. This allows to find an optimal balance between a gentle pressing and the total absence of emulsions and heating at the time of pressing in order to eliminate unpleasant tastes deriving from instantaneous over-wintering (bitter) of the oil.

Rulli Elicoidali



During this operation the olive paste is kept in slow agitation to facilitate the aggregation in drops of a size such as to enable the subsequent separation of water and oil. Time and temperature are parameters regularly monitored in order to guarantee the high quality of the oil.




The Centripetal Extraction:

The operation of separation of the oil from the olive paste (separation of water, oil and pomace) takes place with the centripetal system ( contrary of the centrifuge) without shaking at very low revolutions and without the use of centrifugal separators (clarifiers), of first pressing and using a completely cold process. WITH THESE TWO EXCLUSIVE METHODS all the characteristics of the best oil are kept intact: taste, color, flavor, aroma and organoleptic qualities.
At this stage of the process there is a careful monitoring of the water added in order to prevent loss of phenolic compounds in waste-waters and the transfer of any defects to the oil.





The pomace constituted by the core and the residual pulp, is treated with a system that allows for the recovery of the woody part (nocciolino) used for energy production and the pulpy part used as fertilizer.


Polpa di Sansa                 Nocciolino di Sansa








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