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The oil mill "Oro Del Sele" was founded in 1995 on the free initiative of Gonnella Gelsomino
on the wake of a long family tradition.
The company performs the olive transformation process in plants dated back to the 1907 and continuously updated in order to use, at the same time, the most recent technology and to guarantee the best quality of the oil.
In 1998 a technologically advanced plant has been introduced in the process and, thanks to the expertise provided by Officine meccaniche Toscane , a fully automated process has been integrated with the “cold extraction technology” for the olive oil production.



Our exclusive methods...




Rulli Elicoidali


The oil mill is located in an area with a long tradition in the olive oil production where olives trees found long time ago their natural habitat (olive area of 2,500 hectares).
Both the production and the olives transformation are processes internal to the company.
The activities are seasonal and concentrated in the period from November to January.
The company has an excellent quality of the oil thanks to the total absence of chemical manipulation. The production is able to meet the demand of both the large retailers and the most demanding consumers.









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Oleificio "Oro del Sele"
di Gonnella Gelsomino 

Via Nazionale, 60 Serradarce Campagna (SA)
  Tel. / Fax 0828/49705 Cell. 338/1353402
P.IVA: 03021610658




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